How can I order a custom portrait for me with my own photo choice in it????

Anybody may order a custom photo from any one of the designs I have posted (more designs will be coming shortly). 

Simply reach me through the 'Kontact Us' tab at the top right sidebar of this page and let me know you are interested. 

To make this a simple process I ask that all you do is email me a portrait that you already own but to send it in the highest resolution possible, at 300 DPI to make for the best quality portrait available for prints and in the largest size that you can make of it.  It's a lot easier to shrink a portrait to retain the quality of it than it is to increase the size which then depletes part of the focus of the image so the bigger with the best DPI (Dots Per Inch), the better to work with.  Also please submit very clear, in focus photo's for me to work with; blurry photo's are very difficult to manage and can sometimes be even impossible making for a very unproductive and nice portrait to frame, which is not the type of work I like to reflect upon myself or business. 

If there is not a photo background that you you on this blogspot site than you are welcome to just sent a portrait you have and if you'd like I can just create or work with a different background not shown and do my own 'charm' with the portrait you submit. 

Please add any special quotes, scriptures, or your childs name and/or name meaning or other special phrase you would like for me to add to the photo that means something special to you.  Also if there is anything that you would NOT like me to include such as fairy wings or other 'magical' touches please let me know this as well. 

All photo request must be paid for in advance before I begin any work on them.  It takes me many hours a day, sometimes going into the next day to complete just one photo.  If you would like to add a sibling to the same portrait of another photo you are submitting this would include a $10 extra processing fee.  If you would like for me to add touch-ups such as teeth whitening, eye brightening or eye color change, hair smoothings, or additional extras this too will incur an additional $5 per subject (person) included in the photo. 

Again please use the Kontact Me tab at the top of this page on the right or you may email me with your photo at ChristianCreationsPhotography@yahoo.com attention 'Custom Storybook/Heavenly' theme order in the subject line please so that I may attend to these emails at a quicker rate.

All 'Heavenly' and 'Storybook' themed portraits are 8 X 10 size which will be mailed to the address you supply.  I will email you the final proof of the portrait I worked on for your approval before sending it out to you. 

Once I receive confirmation of your paypal payment and I begin to work on your portrait no refunds will be given.  As stated earlier, when I begin to work on such photos it takes me multiple hours just to work on just one which takes up a lot of hard work and time, which is the reason that no refunds are allowed. 

Once you approve the work and I mail the print to you there will not also not be any refunds on the order placed.  Please understand the incredible hard work that I go through to make these photo's appear as charming and 'realistic' as possible, especially when using portraits of children as I know from my own young daughters experience that to see her own photo in a storybook or heavenly portrait 'tickles' her so into imagining she is actually taking place in whatever photo I add her too, increasing her imagination, artistry, and own creative ideas, which is wonderful to watch unfold!

If you have any questions for me than please don't hesitate to contact me through my Kontact Us tab or our business email account at: ChristianCreationsPhotography@yahoo.com.

Feel free to also visit our business website (not blog) at http://www.christiancreationsphotography.com/.

As always I am happy and more than pleased to do whatever it is I can for you and help you with any suggestions you might offer to me.  I take my work seriously and strive my best to be an asset for you, as a client, but even more than that, I hope to make you a repeat customer!!! 

Many Blessings,